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Frederick County Landmarks Foundation, a private non-profit organization, promotes the preservation of historic sites, structures, natural landmarks, and communities of Frederick County, Maryland, and strives to increase knowledge and appreciation of them. To further its educational mission, FCLF not only holds special events that provide the public with a window to Frederick’s historic past, but also shares the knowledge of other historical places in Frederick.

More of our work...

Beatty-Cramer House

The Beatty-Cramer House is currently unavailable for tours. Please help us in restoring this treasure so we can re-open to the public.

Frederick County Landmarks Foundation is the proud owner of one of the most architecturally unique, and oldest known, standing buildings in Frederick County, MD. Located in the Mt. Pleasant District of Frederick County, the Beatty-Cramer House site is home to three structures. The primary building is a combination of the c.1748 Beatty portion of the house, the c.1855 Cramer addition, and later renovations. The two outbuildings are an 18th century spring house and a 19th century smoke house.

It is one of the six most important historical houses in Maryland, according to the Maryland Historical Trust (MHT). In 1987, Orlando Ridout V, Chief of the Office of Survey and Registration for MHT, stated, “I cannot think of any other building that combines so many uncommon features in one place.”

Zion Church

Click here for a WDVM-TV news clip. Hear former board president Carrie Albee speak about Zion's history and importance.

The historic Zion Church and Cemetery in Urbana, MD, is a preservation success story! Established as an Episcopal church in 1802, it is one of the most significant historical landmarks in southern Frederick County. Consecrated in 1802, Zion was the first church in the Sugarloaf Mountain area. For 160 years it was the center of community life in Urbana, but neglect had left the structure only a shell.

The Zion Church Preservation Committee (ZPC), an Urbana group formed in 2003, restored the church and cemetery. The restoration goal was to return the church to its original 1802 appearance, with reconstruction of the missing fourth wall, plus a new roof, floor, windows, doors and interior fittings. The site now includes interpretive signage about Zion and Urbana history. 


The Zion Preservation Committee was founded and co-chaired by the late Terry Grimes and Knight Kiplinger. Kiplinger, through the Kiplinger Foundation, has personally promoted Zion Church and provided financial help. The church is open only by appointment and is available as a venue for meetings, weddings and similar social events.

Sister Cities

To promote Frederick's German heritage, the Frederick Sister Cities Association (FSCA) facilitates partnerships between our local businesses, schools, civic and social clubs, and other organizations and those of our sister communities in Germany: Schifferstadt and Mörzheim.

Ronnie Osterman - President FSCA

Rick Peters - Vice President FSCA

Visit their website here.

2024 Board of Directors


Executive Committee

Jennie Russell - President FCLF

Mary Mannix - Vice President FCLF

Meg Ames, Ph.D. - Secretary

Board of Directors

Chad Baker

Matt Benning

Nicholas Carrera

William Eyler

Eric Gleysteen

Walter Olson

Directors, FCLF Properties

Beatty-Cramer House  -  Joe Lubozynski

Zion Church  -  Mary Mannix

Schifferstadt Architectural Museum  -  Jim Gugel, Facilities Manager

                                                             Valerie Denson, Museum Manager

                                                             Boyce Rensberger, Museum Manager

Liaison to Frederick Sister Cities Association

Ronnie Osterman - President FSCA


Mary Beth Fleming - Heritage Garden Manager,

                    Master Gardener, Brunner descendant

Jim Gugel - Grounds Maintenance

Website Management

Allison Duvall

John Allender

Museum Docents

Sue Baldwin

Peggy Blake

Judy Candela

Ronnie Osterman

Boyce Rensberger - Brunner descendant

Linda Thomas

Sunora Wilbar

Valerie Denson - Brunner-Thomas descendant

Rachel Leibovitz

Beth Molesworth

Walter Olson

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