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Make a lasting impact by adopting a piece of history!

We are proud to share the history of colonial Frederick, specifically the experiences of German settlers during the French and Indian War era, through the interpretation of Schifferstadt Architectural Museum.


It is a museum treasured by generations of Frederick County residents and is the ancestral home in America of scores of Brunner family descendants.


Schifferstadt Architectural Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and receives no financial support from state, county or local governments. We rely on the generosity of donors to preserve this important National Historic Landmark.


The Adopt a Stone program allows donors to choose a stone on the southeast front elevation of Schifferstadt Architectural Museum in exchange for a donation. Donors may ask that their name be acknowledged as being a supporter of the Schifferstadt house museum, and all participants will receive a thank you letter signed by the president of FCLF and a photo showing the location of their adopted stone.

By participating in the Adopt a Stone program, you will help to ensure this historic landmark’s presence for future generations. All donations to the Adopt a Stone program will directly help pay for necessary maintenance and improvements to the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum property.

Adoption process:

1.  Download application

2.  Select desired donation level.

3.  Email or mail completed application.

4.  You will be contacted to select specific stone and coordinate payment.

     (You will hear back from us in the order adoption requests are received.)

5.  You will receive a thank you letter noting your tax-deductible donation

     and a photo indicating location of your specific stone(s).


Please email

or call the FCLF office at 301-663-3885

Schifferstadt - Numbered Stones.jpeg

Click on image for a larger version.

Second Level $100
First Level $200
Arch $300
Foundation $400
Quoin $500
Cornerstone - ADOPTED
Chip $50 (outlined, scattered locations)


Donation in honor of

Joan Deacon

Beth Zeiss                                                       Mildred Evelyn Royal Ayres, Frances Royal Foley, Beth Foley Zeiss, Carol Foley Frost, Samuel Douglas Davis Royal

Mary Ann Boswell                                       Hannah Boswell, Kalleigh Boswell, Emily Boswell, Meghan Boswell, Sean Patrick Boswell

Donna Bryant             

Larry Seibert

Alan Imhoff

Patricia Adinolfi                                           Eloise Kateton

Rick Peters

Dick and Nancy Graham

Peter Schulz

Stacey Streett

Hettie Ballweber

Mary and Joel Dixon

Virginia Russell                                             Margie Virts Stone (a Brunner descendant)

James J. Bickley                                             Benjamin James Bickley

Timothy A. Schulz

Beth Molesworth

Boyce Rensberger and Linda Thomas

Peggy Blake                                                    Clifford Porter Bruner

Mary McCormack                                       Caryn and Kurt Unterschuetz, Mary and Kevin McCormack

George Stobie                                                Claude Bauer

Mark and Teresa Stull                                 

Elaine Lynch                                                  Thomas W. Bell

Ruth and Karl Forster                                 Errant Rover

As Built Drawings, LLC

Carolyn Mohan

Thomas and Tanya Obreiter

Susan Cooper                   

Rebecca Dickson                                           Joe and Dorsey Bruner, Andy and Shelia Bruner, Mike and Jama Bruner Cox

Janet Ady

Shirley Knowles

Karen Reckamp

Nathan Taylor

[These donors have consented to have their names published. Updated as of January 3, 2024]

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