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We will present at the meeting the following decisions.

1) Voting on new Bylaws.  The Bylaws have been vetted by the Board of Directors.  Please vote "yes" or "no."  If you have suggested changes to be considered next year, send them to  (Subject line: Bylaws)


2) Voting on Directors and Vice-President.

Prior to the meeting, we ask that all members either vote online by using the link below, OR by mailing in a voting sheet, OR by calling the Nominating Committee Chair, Scott Winnette at 240-675-3227 with your choices.  

Vote by November 17, 2020.



Review old bylaws: OLD BYLAWS

Review new bylaws: NEW PROPOSED BYLAWS

Print voting sheet to mail. VOTE AND MAIL

Vote online


Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting is on Wednesday, November 18 2020, 6:30-8pm.

It will be held on ZOOM.  See below for ways to join online with a laptop, iPad, smartphone or to join with a cell phone or traditional wired phone.




1. Greeting to membership and 2020 Accomplishments and thanks.   


2. Appreciation awards 


3. Report of Bylaws Vote


3. Report of Elections


4. Program: Reiner Prochaska video, portraying "The Story of Joseph Brunner," with Boyce Rensberger and Jennie Russell.


5. Ending remarks

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